Jun 2, 2010

university meets rabbit... once again

La temporalité du récit : fiction, médias et histoire -

the temporality of récit: fiction, media and history

Why proposing, once again, a reflection on television news ? Is it still worthwhile to analyse this genre, often accused of being ephemeral, sensationalist, and superficial ? The answer is yes because television news are strongly related to memory, history and historiography. This relation will be explored by analysing the events of the fall of the Berlin wall and September 11. On the one hand, the experience of the present time (live broadcast) is taken into account and, on the other hand, a reflection on the commemoration of both events is included. Furthermore, this article discusses concepts (Bergson, Halbwachs and Ricœur) which explain the link between television news, memory, history and historiography from a theoretical point of view. According to this, philosophy of memory and history can communicate with media studies and vice-versa.

If you are interested in philosophical reflection on history, memory and media, you are invited to read Katharina's last article, written in French:

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