Aug 30, 2008


We passed 2 days with the Steinbeck, Miller, Kerouac and others writers wind and dust.
I mean we were riding in the BIG SUR for 2 days, and you know, "voir le Big Sur et mourir".
Fantastic. A lots of pictures, thoughts, wild life and dreams...
Foggy photo session when we went back with our 2 brand new characters, last Citrus dinner, last Mells milkshake and split apples for cherry, last pilates class, last run on Ashbury and time to say MERCI

Merci Marcy and Denis Englander the house is full of happiness, Merci Le Conseil General de Savoie, Monsieur Veyrinas et Michele Ruiz, Ellen Guerin et Ludovic Guiller, Merci ODC , KT, Brenda, you all dancers, teachers, Lorie, Julie, Katie, Cathy Pruzan, Rob and Neal, Merci l'Alliance Francaise, Stephanie Wells, Merci Artaud Project Theater, Merci Kate and Jen, Merci Daniel, Merci Severine, Merci Martin, Minoush and Minou, Merci our trail partners, Merci Mom and Dad, Merci Nick to take care of the princess, Merci Arvo Part, Blondie, The Ethiopics, Charles Trenet, Holly Goligthly my new friend, Salavation Army, Amoeba, Vintage and second hand stores, merci all I disturbed with my crazy pictures. AND THANK YOU THE RABBIT RESEARCH TEAM Corine, Gerald , Katha+Xav, Ln, Cecile, Amandine, Laure M.x2. La Quenelle, Cathy, Christian, Remi, Alain, Carmelita, Karine Bourciat your work has been really used, AND GO FOR THE NEXT SEASON!

oh we are missing a final cut...wait...

Aug 27, 2008


Summer is finally here since yesterday, GREAT!
And it was our last performance with a very intimate audience, around 10, but still with those particular good intentions.
Before our last apples, I went to the famous Green Apple Bookstore, kind of ideas bank, I had a gorgeous apple pie at Mels dinner, and say goodbye to the tiny but cute Alliance theater.
Before leaving we made few poses with Miss Moreau and front of a dancing call VERTIGO.
Now it's time for us to take the road in a Kerouac style in Santa Cruz direction...

Aug 26, 2008


Hello readers,
Yesterday after the contemporary class of the day, Corine tried this strange entertainment called Fresbee-golf in Golden Gate Park, and Gerald and me took the bus for a long picture day in the San Fran streets. Gerald played with lights, and I played with my shadows. We walked a lot with my 3 euros beach shoes between Filmore, Chestnut, Pacific and this little seagulls beach I forgot the name, and I realised how the people here are open minded and happy to see different kind of work, different ways to live and appreciate arts and dance.
OH, I forgot to tell you we saw very expensive Chagall, Miro, Picasso and Warhol in a very famous gallery just like that in the glass street.
BREF, I was happy to take the cab at the end of the day, and finish our picture day by night with a 360 San Francisco view up the hill where we met Douglas an Ile Saint Louis owner advocate from California and his french friends from Paris. He is a member of the Alliance Francaise. Maybe we could meet them tonight for the last performance of "VERTIGE".

Aug 24, 2008


We performed "VERTIGE' yesterday evening for the first time and at the Alliance Francaise de San Francisco.
First we had a rendez-vous with a big chinese banquet and we arrived at the Alliance around 4pm. We scotched curtains in order to have a black theater, did a run through, prepared ourselves and the audience arrived.
"If there is 20 persons it's great" I said to Corine". In fact the theater was full... ouahhhhhh
Stephanie Wells our nice Alliance host, presented the work.
The program:
1/ "Gravity Rough" a 2005 video
2/ "En Attendant..." a 2006/07 video, here the public applauded
3/ "Vertigo" with Christian, applause again
and I was falling down on the table, let the white page slide on the floor and music enter with Corine. I was afraid first to show the both, Vertigo and Vertige, by the way we share a secret with the public and some people give us their so sensitive and clever 'lecture' of this evening, we were touching.
At the end good feedback, good vibes, nice exchange, lots of contact, positive critics... and champagne offer by our GentleJaquesTatifanman "Neal", you could see us like very aristocratic couple on the photography. Beautiful party after the premiere with the ODC team and very good hamburger at the dinner.
Today it was hike on the shore.
And tomorrow, back to dance class.
Bonne nuit.
ps : on the picture you could see the first step of our new restrooms project with Kate, the choreographer KT Nelson Corine and I with different eyes directions. Oh, and sorry for my approximative english

Aug 23, 2008


Yesterday it was off.
Have a look on the little retrospective... before the "vertige".

Aug 22, 2008

press special - San Francisco


The San Francisco Bay Guardian (also known as the SF Bay Guardian, Bay Guardian, and the Guardian) is a free alternative newspaper published weekly in San Francisco, California.

Aug 21, 2008


After 4 days of rehearsal we finally dit it. We presented yesterday August 20th our new project at the Artaud Project Theater San Francisco ODC House special. Corine wanted to use inner tubes and beach objects, and I would like to put audience on stage to create a kind of set. Our purpose was to show the transformation of the same choreographic phrase, and as usually, decade everything and play with very known codes. So we began in a very dramatic way, with Arvo Part, cocktail dresses and two glasses of wine. Music stop we explained to the audience we were not decided for the music, so we changed for something more exotic, then for Blondie, and finally for a french "bonbon" called Charles Trenet. Amazing audience. It was great for us to hear the people laughing... and eat camembert on an american stage.
We met the others artists of the program. Monique, great dancer who created this crazy Fauxnique platform shoe character, and the Asian American group, where indian, japanese and cambodian cultures find a rendez-vous.
But what about today?
We visited the Alliance Francaise for the technical aspect of "FROM VERTIGO TO VERTIGE" evening and went back to ODC to see the before Germany tour rehearsal. Just Beautiful. Add a nice moment with all the ODC team.
Thanx a lot KT!

Aug 19, 2008

Day 4...

Well...Corine here on the mic. Getting home from a game of pool on North Beach...half bar, half Indian food. Where else could you find that combo but in SF? Today is DAY 4. Meaning 4 days straight of dancing, creating, finding, playing with Emilie. It's been so far a wonderful journey and tomorrow we will be presenting our work at Theater Arthaud for what it is. Meaning a dance full of fun, expression, and openness.
This day began with a release/improv class...sorry to say I forgot the teacher's name. But she was a divey type, Mission street type chick from Seattle. Blond hair with bangs and double layered dance pants. She had us dance through the space feeling our skin, our muscles, our momentum, and our questions in our heads. Emilie and I walked out with red faces from runs, jumps, stops and falls and worked our way to the theater for rehearsal and photo shoots with G the gangsta who made a few poses himself.
Off to Cancun on 19th and Mission for a veggie supreme burrito with Kim and Marty and then a little more playtime at a park in North Beach...Emilie liked the swing the most.
So good night to all from the beautiful city of San Francisco, where the fog has taken over all forms of sunshine. Send us positive vibes for tomorrow, the big day...we'll be dancing for all of you!
ps: special dedicace et thanks to Katha, you're the best- M.