Aug 19, 2008

Day 4...

Well...Corine here on the mic. Getting home from a game of pool on North Beach...half bar, half Indian food. Where else could you find that combo but in SF? Today is DAY 4. Meaning 4 days straight of dancing, creating, finding, playing with Emilie. It's been so far a wonderful journey and tomorrow we will be presenting our work at Theater Arthaud for what it is. Meaning a dance full of fun, expression, and openness.
This day began with a release/improv class...sorry to say I forgot the teacher's name. But she was a divey type, Mission street type chick from Seattle. Blond hair with bangs and double layered dance pants. She had us dance through the space feeling our skin, our muscles, our momentum, and our questions in our heads. Emilie and I walked out with red faces from runs, jumps, stops and falls and worked our way to the theater for rehearsal and photo shoots with G the gangsta who made a few poses himself.
Off to Cancun on 19th and Mission for a veggie supreme burrito with Kim and Marty and then a little more playtime at a park in North Beach...Emilie liked the swing the most.
So good night to all from the beautiful city of San Francisco, where the fog has taken over all forms of sunshine. Send us positive vibes for tomorrow, the big day...we'll be dancing for all of you!
ps: special dedicace et thanks to Katha, you're the best- M.


amandine said...

vous me faites rêver les filles, gros merde pour le grand soir, j'ai hâte de connaitre la suite, et puis je suis contente j'arrive à comprendre l'anglais, je ne suis pas trop rouillée!!!!

blog author said...

the same, I am quite jealous, but all my thoughts are with you. so: frisco the disco and cisco frisco...