Aug 17, 2008


This first rehearsal day was crazy.
A modern class to warm up at the ODC Dance School, a short stop at the deli to buy fruits and nuts for power, and ready to invent the " Carte Blanche".We had to stop around 3:30 pm because DJ FARI was waiting for us at the KUSF radio station. The radio show was "FRANCO FUN". We (Corine, Gerald and I) were interviewed in French and this beautiful 'DJette' (en presque francais dans le texte) passed only french music. During the show we talked about the performances, the creative process and Gerald's music and photos, and off we met each other in a very nice way. Really good moment.
At 6 : vintage shops to find costumes, and we got it now. So lets go working.
To listen to the august 16th radio show, click here :

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