Aug 26, 2008


Hello readers,
Yesterday after the contemporary class of the day, Corine tried this strange entertainment called Fresbee-golf in Golden Gate Park, and Gerald and me took the bus for a long picture day in the San Fran streets. Gerald played with lights, and I played with my shadows. We walked a lot with my 3 euros beach shoes between Filmore, Chestnut, Pacific and this little seagulls beach I forgot the name, and I realised how the people here are open minded and happy to see different kind of work, different ways to live and appreciate arts and dance.
OH, I forgot to tell you we saw very expensive Chagall, Miro, Picasso and Warhol in a very famous gallery just like that in the glass street.
BREF, I was happy to take the cab at the end of the day, and finish our picture day by night with a 360 San Francisco view up the hill where we met Douglas an Ile Saint Louis owner advocate from California and his french friends from Paris. He is a member of the Alliance Francaise. Maybe we could meet them tonight for the last performance of "VERTIGE".

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Anonymous said...

des gens ouverts qui apprécient l'art et la danse, ah oui ça fait rêver...
J'ai repris le trainning au ccng et je suis bien jalouse de me savoir à grenoble pendant que vous arpentez les rues de san francisco.
Bonne dernière,
bisous des montagnes, Amandine.