Aug 21, 2008


After 4 days of rehearsal we finally dit it. We presented yesterday August 20th our new project at the Artaud Project Theater San Francisco ODC House special. Corine wanted to use inner tubes and beach objects, and I would like to put audience on stage to create a kind of set. Our purpose was to show the transformation of the same choreographic phrase, and as usually, decade everything and play with very known codes. So we began in a very dramatic way, with Arvo Part, cocktail dresses and two glasses of wine. Music stop we explained to the audience we were not decided for the music, so we changed for something more exotic, then for Blondie, and finally for a french "bonbon" called Charles Trenet. Amazing audience. It was great for us to hear the people laughing... and eat camembert on an american stage.
We met the others artists of the program. Monique, great dancer who created this crazy Fauxnique platform shoe character, and the Asian American group, where indian, japanese and cambodian cultures find a rendez-vous.
But what about today?
We visited the Alliance Francaise for the technical aspect of "FROM VERTIGO TO VERTIGE" evening and went back to ODC to see the before Germany tour rehearsal. Just Beautiful. Add a nice moment with all the ODC team.
Thanx a lot KT!

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congratulations!!!! really funny and full of reflection!!!