Aug 18, 2008


Today we took the very nice Chimene Pollard contemporary class, and came across the ODC dancers at the end of the class. Afters big hugs, we found the Artaud Theater to rehearse. The theater is an amazing place, it used to be a factory in the early 20th century with lots of church like glass windows inside.

Peeping toms could open the eyes of our "Carte Blanche to Carte Blue".

At the end of the day we walked on Haight Ashbury, I lost Gerald but I met in the Amoeba music store Joel, the Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourin man. We shook hands, talked about our respective performances. I will perform the 20th, he will perform the 22nd.
This city is magic. Em

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blog author said...

I love the bonnet de bin dance, great!!!