Aug 24, 2008


We performed "VERTIGE' yesterday evening for the first time and at the Alliance Francaise de San Francisco.
First we had a rendez-vous with a big chinese banquet and we arrived at the Alliance around 4pm. We scotched curtains in order to have a black theater, did a run through, prepared ourselves and the audience arrived.
"If there is 20 persons it's great" I said to Corine". In fact the theater was full... ouahhhhhh
Stephanie Wells our nice Alliance host, presented the work.
The program:
1/ "Gravity Rough" a 2005 video
2/ "En Attendant..." a 2006/07 video, here the public applauded
3/ "Vertigo" with Christian, applause again
and I was falling down on the table, let the white page slide on the floor and music enter with Corine. I was afraid first to show the both, Vertigo and Vertige, by the way we share a secret with the public and some people give us their so sensitive and clever 'lecture' of this evening, we were touching.
At the end good feedback, good vibes, nice exchange, lots of contact, positive critics... and champagne offer by our GentleJaquesTatifanman "Neal", you could see us like very aristocratic couple on the photography. Beautiful party after the premiere with the ODC team and very good hamburger at the dinner.
Today it was hike on the shore.
And tomorrow, back to dance class.
Bonne nuit.
ps : on the picture you could see the first step of our new restrooms project with Kate, the choreographer KT Nelson Corine and I with different eyes directions. Oh, and sorry for my approximative english


blog author said...

cool, suis fière de vous...
gros bisous de sergy
katha (la sémiologue ;-))

Neal said...

C'est drole, le photo des aristrocrats. Mais ma fille m'a dit que j'ai l'air effrayant. Enfin, je suppose que les aristrocrats sont effrayants. (Mais qu'est-ce qu'elle en sait? Elle n'a que 24 ans. Moi, je pense que j'ai l'air d'un movie star. Peut-etre Nick Nolte. Jeune Nick Nolte. Plus jeune Nick Nolte.)


Severine Figuls said...

Hum...vous êtes effrayants tous les 2 sur cette photo. J'avais pas du tout reconnu l'aristocratic style. Et sinon, encore bravo pour tout, je suis super contente pour vous.

blog author said...

pareil, severine... j'aimerais bien être avec eux... mais bon, comme on dit en allemand: souffrance partagé = souffrance à moitié... on pensera l'une à l'autre dans nos bureaux bien fermés...

emilie said...

Oui avec Neal nous allons tourner un remake de Shining ici, a la place de l'enfant un lapin garou

blog author said...

je veux bien voir le lapin rose en gothic... katha